In a world with over 10,000 VC funds it’s hard to be different, and yet we are.

With our publicly-listed vehicle operating right in the sweet spot between VC and capital markets, we bring unique opportunities to founders and investors alike.

The problem we solve and why it matters

In today’s evolving business landscape, companies are opting to remain private for longer, which leaves them facing the increased financial complexities that come with scale. The founder’s journey today entails calibrating the right funding mix, sourcing both equity and debt financing at scale, and clinching pivotal terms all at the same time. Yet, without the right expertise and access to capital market networks, even the most promising startups can stumble just when they need to accelerate. This is where Heliad steps in.

We provide an indispensable bridge, linking early growth-stage companies with the vast ecosystem of the capital markets. Our intervention amplifies their trajectory, enabling them to achieve robust growth, drive innovation, and make a pronounced impact even before they step into the limelight of the public markets.

Our background and secret sauce

Our team brings 50+ years of top-tier financial experience to the table, spanning bulge bracket banks to Big 4 Consultancy. With our deep roots in both public and private markets, we’ve mastered the art of supporting businesses during the critical pre-IPO stages.

Our proven success? Assisting companies in securing billions in funding, while achieving exceptional returns. But beyond the numbers, our true value lies in recognizing and expertly supporting transformative entrepreneurs. We don’t just believe in their potential; we act on it, guiding them through intricate capital markets, ensuring their groundbreaking ideas gain the traction they deserve.

Our unique vantage point—borne from witnessing the evolution of the capital markets first hand for over a decade —empowers us and our network of M&A leaders to not just keep pace with the European innovation landscape but to actively sculpt its future.

Our investment approach and thesis

At Heliad, we strategically look for opportunity in promising sectors. We focus on companies that are primed to scale rapidly if given the right access to capital markets, where our expertise shines. In our partnerships, we often take an active role, collaborating directly with founders, guiding them over financing and internationalization hurdles. Beyond individual support, we also encourage our portfolio companies to collaborate, discovering synergies and mutual benefits. We’re drawn to revolutionary companies which demonstrate both technical prowess and a tangible roadmap to profitability. Bolstered by a network of accomplished founders, angel investors, and top-tier VCs, we’re crafting a diversified portfolio of companies that are shaping a better future for all.


Our history

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