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Change of Perspective

As long as there’s music, there’s dancing. Considering the current mood in the German and European venture capital industry, the


Charting AI value creation

According to McKinsey, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) will increase the global gross domestic product by 16% by 2030.


Misplaced Restraint

The fear of selling out German innovations and technologies is back. It was recently fueled by the takeover of Viessmann’s


Adjustments as an opportunity

Adjusting, downsizing, tweaking. The new normal in the startup and venture capital scene is particularly evident in company valuations. The


Selective fundraising

The fat years are over. Sky-high startup valuations, limited partners who are desperate for investment opportunities and subscribe for practically


Europe’s location advantage

The startup and venture capital scene is tense – especially in the U.S. Ever since it became known that Silicon


More of a beginning than an end

“The race in the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is decided. Start-ups hardly stand a chance against the technology

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