We don’t just back founders, we join their cause.

Helping founders reach their full potential in an everchanging market is our true passion. When we invest, we’re on your team, all the way.

Helping founders go further, faster

Great founders have the vision to identify opportunities that others have missed, but reaching the horizons of their ambitions is still a long and difficult journey. Without the support of strong and loyal allies, they face enormous challenges. That’s why we feel privileged to be able to support inspirational founders by connecting them to a knowledge base, network, and skillset that provides a turning point in their journey towards scale. With our expertise in capital markets, founders are able to open new doors and negotiate the best deals when it comes to large scale financing. With us fighting by their side, obstacles to financing are converted into opportunities for  both growth and greater impact.

Founders FAQ

Got a burning question about who we back, how we support, or where to reach us? Dive into our most frequently asked questions here, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, why not visit our contact page and ask us directly? We’d love to get in touch.

Yes, our vehicle is publicly listed in the stock-exchange in Frankfurt, allowing investors the flexibility to essentially enter and exit our investment portfolio at their convenience while we stay on board.
Our public listing and our background as capital market veterans allows us to share a unique perspective and a broad network from within the financial industry. We invest out of our own evergreen structure, allowing us to stick with you for the very long-run without being limited by pre-defined individual fund life-cycles.
At Heliad our mission is to serve as a gateway between private and public capital markets. We become our founder’s very own internal capital markets sparring partner, while empowering investors to benefit from the value creation of the innovative companies in our portfolio.
Whilst our mandate is flexible, we love partnering as either co-lead or follower investor with average tickets ranging from EUR 3-7m per investment.
We are looking for innovative and fast-growing companies across sectors and geographies, with a skew towards Western Europe and the DACH region. As generalists, we are looking to build a diversified portfolio of exciting early-growth companies that can benefit from our expertise within the capital markets.
At Heliad, we know that fund-raising can be a tedious and intense experience for founders. Therefore, we commit to reaching a decision within four weeks from our first touchpoint. You can expect honest feedback from a diverse set of backgrounds and the opportunity to speak to our portfolio founders. We don’t just fire and forget, which is why our investment process will also include a deep dive on the potential for us to support you post our investment.
If you have read through all these questions and answers, let’s jump on a call to discuss this most important aspect.

Innovators we backed


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Julian Kappus

Julian, Heliad Co-CEO since June 2022, previously spearheaded Bank of America’s Continental Europe Structured Finance Division and played a pivotal role in establishing the bank’s European footprint in Paris. He independently executed some of the largest transactions in European structured finance over the last decade. His expertise extends to advising, optimizing, and raising alternative capital with best-in-class institutions. Besides that, Julian is a founding member of the Berlin-based angel syndicate Collective Ventures.

Christopher Garlich

Christopher deals as the Head of Emerging technologies at Heliad, building Europe’s first pure on-chain multi-strategy hedge fund. Prior to Heliad, he looks back on roles at various institutions within financial industry, with key M&A roles at Berenberg and Morgan Stanley, where he gained significant experience in M&A. He is also a founding member of Raymond James’ European mid-cap presence, reflecting his involvement in establishing and building this important aspect of the business. Additionally, Chris serves as the lead partner of an on-chain investor collective that focuses on decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) protocols, playing a central role in the collective’s investment activities and strategies.
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