Heliad AG acquires Collective Ventures to provide investors exclusive ways to access venture capital

  • So far, Heliad AG shareholders have gained access to Heliad’s later-stage VC portfolio with purchases of shares
  • By merging with Collective Ventures, Heliad is expanding its product portfolio to enable earlier-stage VC investments in particular to a broader range of investors


Germany, Frankfurt, July 5, 2024 – Heliad AG (Stock ticker A7A, ISIN DE0001218063) is pleased to announce it has acquired Collective Ventures to build a new generation of venture capital firm by offering investors innovative and exclusive ways to invest in promising start ups and growth stage firms.

Collective Ventures was founded in 2021 as a deal-by-deal venture capital network bringing together smart money from a diversified group of entrepreneurs, financiers, C-Level executives and most importantly friends. Over the last years the investment firm has built a strong track record investing in 17 companies, including firms like Nelly, Bunch, Flowers, Nuvo, and more. Leveraging on their co-investor network, Collective Ventures not only offers the opportunities to invest according to the co-investors’ personal preferences but also provides founders with invaluable sparring opportunities when building their business.

Heliad AG provides shareholders with access to its later stage venture capital portfolio through acquiring Heliad shares on the stock exchange. The portfolio includes investments in promising firms such as Raisin, Enpal, Clark, Finn and many more. While this gives shareholders a simple and liquid form to access venture capital, the combination of Heliad and Collective Ventures complements this idea. Falk Schäfers, co-CEO of Heliad AG: “Investors are now also able to invest directly in single venture deals according to their personal skills and preferences. Across all its investment strategies Heliad co-invests with and accompanies its fellow investors to collectively work towards the best possible outcome.

Cecil Croy, co-founder of Collective Ventures: “We always believed that the most successful venture deals can be traced back to the network you can access and collective decision making. We have had a remarkable journey until today and are thankful to work with such strong co-investors and talented founders. Heliad is the right partner for our investors and founders through its strategic mindset, strong balance sheet and complementary team. Together we will improve the way how capital, investors and founders eventually work together.


About Collective Ventures

Collective ventures has extensive access to high quality, early stage deal flow. We source and invest in early stage startups and scale our own investment by allowing co-investors to tag along. Together with co-investors, we provide support along the entire value chain – Leveraging our knowledge and access is the best support we can provide to entrepreneurs in their seed and early growth stage to help them take their companies to the next level. Find more information about us under www.collective-ventures.de and follow us on LinkedIn.


About Heliad

Heliad (Stock ticker A7A, ISIN DE0001218063) is a listed investment company with a mission to empower both entrepreneurs and investors. The company invests in market leading companies across various verticals and regions to power their next phase of growth. As a listed company and through our strong team and strategic partners, Heliad can support companies pre, at and post IPO and act as a gateway to public equity capital markets. An evergreen structure allows Heliad to act independently of usual fund lifecycles and provides shareholders with unique access to pre-IPO market returns without any restrictions or limitations in terms of investment size and term commitment. For more information about Heliad, please visit www.heliad.com and follow on LinkedIn to stay updated.

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