FINN & Heliad.

A Synergy Driving Success

About FINN

Shifting gears in the automotive sector, FINN Auto offers a sustainable all-inclusive car subscription model, revolutionizing car ownership. Instead of the traditional binds of car ownership or the hidden intricacies of leasing, FINN’s subscribers enjoy the open road with a clear mind. An all-inclusive rate covers everything – from insurance, maintenance, and service to tire replacements and taxes. This is modern driving: flexible, cost-transparent, hassle-free, and designed for the now. This is FINN.

Why Heliad chose FINN

We recognized FINN’s unique strengths in the evolving automotive sector. Its pioneering business model is an embodiment of the evolving consumer demands—flexibility with no compromise on transparency. FINN gained a truly defensible advantage by leveraging a direct and exclusive OEM network, establishing, and effectively controlling an entirely new sales channel for OEMs globally. Committed to the future, FINN also acts as a catalyst for sustainable mobility by running a <30% electric fleet and compensating CO2 for the rest.

With the Vision that a scalable, cost-efficient refinancing model could transition FINN from a conventional asset-heavy approach to an agile asset-light stance, we see the way for unparalleled growth and operational efficiency. And as consumers increasingly shift online and prioritize flexibility and convenience over traditional ownership, FINN emerges as the optimal solution to the evolving automotive customer.


ARR reached in Q1 2023
0 m
Car subscriptions
planned until 2030
0 m
> 0 k
electric fleet,
CO2 compensation
for non-electric fleet
0 %

How Heliad added value

Our partnership with FINN Auto wasn’t one of mere financial transactions, it was a collaboration forged to drive success: Following the vision of our investment thesis, we started working with FINN’s executive board to refine their refinancing strategy. As debt fundraising is a highly untransparent market, we began to reach out to our trusted partners in the field. After prioritizing the correct partners, we actively shaped the term negotiations to favor FINN’s growth plans. In the end, they obtained best-in-class terms for their new Asset-Backed-Security facility to finance the rapid growth of their international fleet, letting their refinancing volume now exceed USD 1 billion.



Maximilian Wühr

Partnering with Heliad has been of immense strategic value. Their deep-rooted knowledge in capital markets didn’t just facilitate a significant ABS financing milestone but has consistently augmented our financial strategy. Heliad’s influence has been instrumental in shaping FINN Auto’s journey.

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