MODIFI & Heliad.

Commerce Elevation


The global FinTech MODIFI helps businesses worldwide to finance and manage their international trades. Serving over 1,600 buyers and sellers across more than 50 countries, MODIFI offers simple digital solutions that enable seamless cross-border trade, while equally enhancing the businesses’ working capital by offering hassle-free Buy-Now-Bay-Later solutions. Through its digital platform, the company empowers businesses to grow, fostering strong international partnerships and benefitting local economies.

Why Heliad chose MODIFI

MODIFI has not just grown in business and outreach in the last few years but also in its approach to addressing systemic issues related to global trade. Being built by the Ex-BillPay Founder team around Nelson Holzner, which successfully exited the company to Klarna, MODIFI was perfectly poised to seize the immense opportunities in the realm of global commerce as a trusted payment specialist. What sets MODIFI apart is its pioneering risk assessment solution to effectively examine clients’ creditworthiness. Unlike traditional banking entities with outdated methods, MODIFI harnesses cutting-edge technology to fully digitize their processes. This innovation not only expands their serviceable market tremendously but also leapfrogs them ahead of conventional industry competitors. Rounding off their suite of services, MODIFI offers a robust FX solution, providing clients with the financial stability they desire. The idea of bringing seamless payment, now properly established in B2C, also to B2B clients is a necessary conclusion, as their MOdern DIgital FInance solution simplifies transactions and empowers their clients to scale up their sales lines globally.


Employees from 20 different countries
Strategic partnership
with Airwallex
Heliad PortCos as
customers including Enpal
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How Heliad added value

Since the investment, we teamed up MODIFI with our portfolio companies, so they too can enjoy the all-in-one global commerce solution to focus more on their business and less on the supply chain. For example, the German photovoltaic supplier Enpal uses the holistic cross-border payment solution to finance their deliveries from Asia, enhancing their working capital efficiencies tremendously. Next to the synergies inside of our portfolio, we reached out to our broader network too. To support the team around Nelson Holzner in preparing for future investor discussions, we assisted MODIFI in further sharpening their equity story and provide additional fire power to accelerate growth.



Nelson Holzner

With Heliad we are delighted to have a new strong partner complementing our existing shareholder base. In the light of future growth with enhanced credit facilities, we build on their network and their ability to navigate capital markets to make MODIFI the standard B2B cross-border payment provider.

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